Masterclass at Leszno Jazz Workshop 2023

…yeah..5 times miracles took place…….we started with great choir -call and response things and had great Beatboxing and so many things more…all ended up with the true Leszno Gospel-better than any in Harlem 🙂

Thxs for the opportunity to share my musical experience with you guys.

We create music from nothing…….



CHo Jazz 2023-polands biggest Jazz workshop

Cho Jazz 2023 has ended…..Vodoo took place 🙂  ——

What an intense time.

3 weeks in Poland.

One week in Leszno and 2 weeks at Cho Jazz Chodziez

Miracle of all workshops is for me : all ended up becomming friends.

Nationality is a part of each single person, but it’s not the important thing. I,m happy to meet each of you guys, comming from

Poland, Israel,Netherlands,ucraine, Germany. Friends 🙂

But : not important…

Big thank you to all organizers specially Marcin Kita and his crew ! Incredible job !

Again and again !!!!

Julia Sawicka at International Jazz Workshop Leszno – Poland .

And to all sponsor !

Specialy mine : Miel Adams and Adams instruments -Netherlands

We need you guys !

It was super time. I,m thankful to play and talk with great teachers…a lot of highlights also at so many concerts… Igor Zakus and ,,unbreakable” Deep Music and Denis Adu nailed it ( specially Denis is my new idol. You should keep an eye on him 🙂 the concert of Marek Napiorkowski Priv was super….I highlighted only2 ..there were so many ( Dana Vynnytska , you know what I wanna say). Looking back I’m speachless about Piotr Baron & Michal Tokaj duo performance ,,awakening“

Thxs guys, we had incredible time !

Now a big change : thank you to all participants!

Sometimes people start to blame the young generation.

All I saw is : you nailed it ! you are great future and I believe in you ! Thxs guys !

Wonderful to know each one. May all you dreams come true.

I have one on my top list : Slava ucraine.

And start to create a better world without national borders and no borders in our brains…

let’s fly together and see you on the road !!!!!

Ehud Ettun Adam Zagórski Rafal Sarnecki Janusz Szrom Paweł Dobrowolski Igor Hnydyn Igor Zakus Dorota Miskiewicz Sibel Kose Anastasija Litvinyuk Kuba Cichocki Kuba Stankiewicz Jarosław Buczkowski Michal Jaros Dennis Adu,Piotr Baron Rodion Ivanov, Jacek Namyslowski and all others ……I stay one day more and practice my stuff. 🙂 I want to be in good shape for our next workshops in 2024. 🙂ups…I forgot : Ekaterina Konsulova , Igor Andruch and all other photographer who tried to catch the moment. We all need you. Thxs !

International Jazz Workshop Leszno -Poland 16-22.07.2023

Again Julia Sawicka organized a great workshop. Teachers and students from all over came to teach to study and to listen to outstanding concerts….what a special time at Leszno Jazz 2023… trumpets had to work hard 🙂           My combo did great . We composed music for a movie ,,riding downtown Leszno“.  Big fun to perform that one.

Very thankful to meet Igor Zakus and Denis Addu( we shared trumpets this year ) 

I did a special masterclass for 5 days, which was a musical trip for all-from Choir music to a Gospel prayer.

Thxs to all teachers, who joined that event.

thank you for invitation and see ya all …..


Kölner Stadtanzeiger 30-07.2023 zur neuen CD ,,everything in between “

by Thomas Schmitz

,,ein grenzenloses musikalisches Projekt-Köln-Kiew-Wien waren die zentralen Orte, an dene das neue Album Salentin’s entstand….“

…..gerade on der Pandemie,als Musiker sich nicht am gleichen Ort aufhalten konnten, hörte man immer wieder von Produktionen, bei denen Daten ausgetauscht worden sind. Der Münstereifler Musiker, Trompeter und Musik-Professor hat genau so sein neues Album ,,every in between“ erstellt. Geplant war es aber anders-und die Pandemie war nicht das große Problem.Salentin nahm ein Album mit ukrainischen Musikern auf. Das sollte in Kiew selbst entstehen. ,,das wäre eine Geschichte von einer Woche gewesen“ vermutete er. Doch dann kam der Kriegsausbruch am 24. Februar 2022,der Kriegsausbruch in der Ukraine. Und Salentin stellte sich die Frage , was machst du jetzt ?     ………………

der ganze Artikel liegt hier als Bild vor und man kann es gerne vergrößern und lesen……..



Photo co Thomas Schmitz

nice liner notes by Seb-Isch on the new CD ,,everything in between“

Most of this music was created without any audience!

Well how comes?

Speaking to Hans-Peter Salentin, one of the most requested trumpet players live and in the studio in Europe, based in cologne ,he is also professor for the instrument trumpet in Würzburg, Germany and explains: “The Ukraine has become the “hip” place for live music and incredible musicianship. I have played numerous concerts in the Ukraine over the last couple of years and it has always been an incredible experience to play with a band and musicians, that are masters of their instrument and that have become friends.

Ukrainian musicians have their own fan and live follower base.

,,They are in a way rockstars in their own category in jazz” Hans-Peter Salentin smiles,

“I am so blessed to have been able to create friendships and a band over long distance and the concerts we have played together in Ukraine over the years built our long lasting bonds. Music never stops“.

So it is not surprising that friends want to continue despite the current circumstances.

Even though we were not in one city we exchanged our contribution via Email or online. Bare in mind, that my friends and co-musicians started to play in subways, bunkers and other strange places to keep the music alive and to create hope for others.

This is what makes this album so important for me.

It is a sign of friendship.

It is a form of nice and easy listening”

This time Hans-Peter Salentin has not picked the traditional compositions and ballads made for Jazz trumpet, but his own modern compositions and arrangements, with the “laid backness” that remind me of the nightclubs in the 80ies. Hot nights, cool drinks and music that has the Rick Braun, Tom Browne, Yellow Jackets and the Spyro Gyra touch.

On this album Hans-Peter Salentin combines fusion aspects of Jazz harmonics with the sweatness of popmusic. His co-musicians in the band live up to the moment of every note recorded and their brilliant soloing within.

Hans Peter Salentin is a jack of all trades on the trumpet and the fluegelhorn, somewhere to be located stylistically between Winton Marsalis, Roy Hargrove and Arturo Sandoval.

He can play it all.

“Play the trumpert for me” Hans-Peter!


the new CD ,,everything in between“


 we got the new CD ,,everything in between “ by Hans Peter Salentin on you tube

Spotify :

The story behind :

a lifelong dream came true :  

Everything in between is a true labor of love and a great example how beautiful music can be created even under the most awkward circumstances.

It all started about 4 years ago during HPs visit to Kiew in the Ukraine where he met local musicians like Laura Marti and Igor Zakus for live performances and recording sessions.

The fruitful collaborations led to the idea to produce a full CD worth of tunes together in the great tradition of the classic GRP recordings.

Adams artist HP Salentin composed 11 tunes for this project and world class musicians like

Igor Zakus Bass – Mark Bass amplifiers

Eugene Uvarov Guitar

Sergey Yuzvik   Drums – endorser of SE Electronics (microphones) Paiste (cymbals)

Rodion Ivanov Keys and Pre-production –Nord Keyboards

played and recorded their parts and send them to Cologne where HP added his trumpet and Flugelhorn takes.

When Russia attacked the Ukraine in early 2022 it became very difficult to start the project but nevertheless everyone was committed to make it happen.

With the help of producer Taato Gomez, who provided Sounddesign, additional recordings, final mixing the music in Vienna the project was finally finished and mastered by Manfred Struck.



Hans Peter Salentin:

,,everything in between“ 

soon on all platforms………..

Spotify-Apple music-Amazon-you tube …….


Spotify-Apple music-Amazon-you tube …….

Recording session with ucrainian friends

The new Solo Project is on its way- recorded in Kiew -ucraine- Cologne-germany and additional recording and mixing in Vienna -austria—

,,Sometimes i need to wonder“

outstanding tracks and great originals by Hans Peter Salentin–from 80’ths groove to Latin vibes


Rodion Ivanov preproduction and keys
Segey Yuzvik Drums
Eugene Uvarov Guitar
Igor Zakus Bass
Taato Gomez

Pay Pal support für neue CD,s

Pay Pal support ist eine Funding ( Spendenmöglichkeit ) für Fans und Liebhaber HpSalentin’s projekten.   

Da die Leistung von Anbietern wie Spotify, also die Verrechnung eines Titels ungefähr 0,007 cent beträgt , dies ist von Plattform zu Plattfirm unterschiedlich und liegt aber im diese o,oo7 cent Bereich, gibt es die Möglichkeit Musiker auf diesem Wege zu unterstützen.

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