Hans-Peter Salentin



What to say about somebody who is playin his Instrument for more than 30 years now?

Trumpeter Hans Peter Salentin started playin the Instrument when he was 11 years old. He was deeply influenced by his first teacher, Jon Eardly, a former member of the Gerry Mulligan Group. That`s why HPS is always searching for nice and great melodies. As a Jazz Guy, he is a real time Composer. That helped him a lot to work as a Composer ( Originals, Movie Scores, Music for String Quartett) as well as Producer (Lounge Music) HPS released more than 30 CD,s on his own, Mainstream, Improvised – and Wave Music.

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Whatever HP is playin: he sounds unique.

Bill Dobbins (Rochester New York): ,,He is one of the best European Trumpeters.’’

German Jazz-Podium: ,,HPS developed to an important European Trumpeter’’

The American Jazzmagazine: ,,Salentin furthermore uses every electronic possibility available today to make his trumpet create sounds previously unheard, without relinquishing the basic sounds. His playing and improvising are excellent, with some Miles references in it, also indebted to Nils Petter-Molvaer or Markus Stockhausen.

Over 20 years , he is teaching at the University of Würzburg and became a Professor for Jazz Trumpet, Combo and Big Band. Several Originals are arranged for Big Band.

Since 2005–2010 he was a Yamaha rec Artist. He works now since July 2010 for the Dutch Company ADAMS and HpS plays exclusively Adams Trumpets and Flgh.




Some „BIG NAMES“ he played with:

James Carter( Leverkusener Jazzfestival),
Chick Corea ( Frankfurt Musikmesse),
Bob Mintzer, Simon Phillips (Toto),
Brandford Marsalis,
Jeff Hamilton,
John Scofield (Leverkusener Jazzfestival),
Miroslav Vitous, Roland Höppner,
Bill Dobbins (YVP CD“Live im Stadtgarten“ and Trio Projekt „The Music of Bill Evans“),
Decibal Badila,

Julia Sawicka ( Poland ) -CD Music of Sting

Laura & Kristina Marti ( Ukrainia)

John Goldsby,
Thomas Alkier,
Mathias Schubert,
Mike Herting,
Frank Möbus,
Peter Weniger (YVP CD „My funky Salentin(e)“),
Kuba Stankiewicz,
Z Namyslowski (Festivals und Tourneen durch Deutschland und Polen),
Charlie Mariano,
Frank Köllges (Moers Jazzfestival),
Susan und Martin Weinert,
Mirek Honzak,
John Riley und John Di Martino (YVP CD “ All John“) ,
Andrea Centazzo (,,AC Voyagers“)CD,

Tato Gomez( Lounge und Wave CD,s),
Hans Jörg Scheffler, ( Dewey Record Lounge CD,s  Salentin & Scheffler )
Walerie Kühl,
Benni Freibott,
Stefan Schmolck ( Dewey Records CD Parisian Melange),
Torsten Kamps ( Dewey Record Lounge und Big Band CD)
Cheryl Pyle,
Toni Cimoroso,
Max Ridgway,
Stan Zaslawsky ( Kazhargan World on Dewey Record CD Modern Times and more..)