6-12.8.2018 Leszno Jazz -Workshop-Poland

Leszno Summer Jazz 2018

The Artistic Director Julia Sawicka invited HpSalentin to perfom his unique Masterclasses on that Workshop

On 3-4 Evenings HpSalentin will invite all students to take part in a very special musical event…..


singing , stepping, clapping, playing…all will be a part of our special performances……

we walk through all styles from Pop to Latin,African, Classic, Tango, ethnic grooves and and and….it,s up to us 🙂

be invited !

for more Info please get in touch with Pro Musica Leszno – Julia Sawicka :     www.pro- musica .org.pl

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Igor Zakus 5th CD RETURN feat. HpSalentin and many many Great Musicians….

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The in Ukrainia based Bassist, Produzent,Composer Igor Zakus  released his 5th CD
RETURN………beside so many great Artsist from Poland and Ukrainia
Laura Marti/Tamara Lukashewa /Marek Napiorkowski/ Viktor Pawelko and so many more…..
it is a real pleasure to be invited to play some songs on that CD RETURN !
all the best for that new Arrival  !!!!!!!
Congratulation IGOR ZAKUS !

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