2020..the END.














What a year……

I really don’t want to look back.

Too many fears of this Virus around me.

Too many politicians, who made difficult decissions and too many stupid people , who ignored the established rules and made my life even more difficult.

No concerts and no traveling in 2020- no workshops -no meetings with friends…

Well, a difficult year.

But 🙂

I want to tell a bit about some aspects and some projects which would not be on the road without that troubles.

First I remember one video session in Wuppertal.

I really appreciate how this people there were dealing with the situation.

They made a great job and I’m very happy to have met those people.

Wladimir Burkhardt invited me for this event to Jonathan Rabanus and his crew.

Thxs for that to all.

One of the things which just happenend was the meeting with the photographer/ filmaker Donetti Nicholas ( working as a journalist for the „Spiegel“ and many more media outlets ) in 2019 in Dieppe / France -Normandie at the place by a internationally wellknown artist William De Brui.

Nicholas made a movie about William’s life and I wrote the music for this. One of plenty Home- Studio Reccordings in 2020.

Another was the collaboration with the Light Artist Günther J. Schaefer, who invented 6 Rings producing „Lights on Water“.

I composed special music for this live -event, which we hopefully can perform in 2021.

A little pre-event was filmed by Hessen TV Studio.

In march 2020, during our first heavy lockdown, I decided to make some dreams come true.

I decided to work on 5 new Projects and I called some of my friends to support me doing this.

All my friends worked on 5 new CD,s during Covid Times :

,,Living Room”,,Pop Agenda”,,Recall”,,Quartier Latin ”,, Quartier Latin Playalong Edition”

Anton Davidyants ( Moscow)– Eugene Uvarov ( Kiew) –Hans Fücker ( Germany),

Sergey Yuzvik ( Kiew)- Igor Zakus-( Kiew) Piotr Baron ( Warsaw)-

Alina Zalozna ( Lviv) – Jaroslaw Buczkowski ( Warsaw),Avinoam Ettun ( Israel)-

Andrew Nikk ( Belgorod)-Walerie Kühl-Hans Jörg Scheffler- Manni Struck…all Germany

thank you all for the great work and the inspirations , we kept the good things going.

But it was a real trip.

Making Pre-Productions-sending tracks all over the world and puzzling it all together.

Some projects would never sound they way the are now with the end- adding and mixing by Hans Jörg Scheffler.

Yes !

And specially with Hans Jörg, we have an outstanding relation and collaborate since many years as Salentin & Scheffler

Our CD ,,Deepavali“ was released in autumn. More to come from Salentin & Scheffler in 2021

But on top , Scheffler used the time to make a project called : ,,Cabin Fever“

Scheffler invited 70 Musicians from all over the world to record a piece of music, including guys like Jacob Collier and many more.

And : me…..LOL

A Masterpiecce of music and Video Art by Hans Jörg Scheffler : ,,Cabin Fever“

Another Home Session started with Ehud Ettun from Israel. Named ,,Global Alliance“

and we recorded with David Alfandary ( Israel),Henrique Eisemann ( Brasil), Adam Zagorski ( Poland), Ehid Ettun ( Israel) and me ( Germany)

found a way to bring extra ordinary musicians for this project together.

What a nice song and I’m happy to work with such great Artists.

Ehud Ettun is also a very good excample for taking chances during this hard year.

He and his wife Brianna are working since many years, to make workshops and concerts in Israel .

The idea is to bring musicians from all over the world together and to make a festival.

So they started with that years ago and had a lot of successful festivals over the years.

What to during a pandemic , when travel is difficult and even impossible ?

End of December they invited musicians from all over for special ,,Online talking sessions“,including music of the artists and started open converstaions with students. Host Ehud invited for one session:

Jacob Means (USA), Haruka Yabuno ( Japan) ,Jason Yeager (USA), Pablo Lapidusas (Brazil/ Argentina) and me.

This was really something ( nearly 2 ½ hour of talk and music) , because I found new friends and outstanding Artists.

Meanwhile during the year,my job at University of Music -Würzburg Jazzzzzzzzz, was running.

3 Month Online sessions only, but at the End of June , I decided to start face to face again- even with combos.

How do you want to perform art by playing and improvising , if you don,t see and hear each other ?

Easy answer : we need to meet and play. I’m really thankfull to have great students, who take me the way I am ( they have no chance anyways -LOL )

but they all did a great job during that year !

I can say that I really enjoyed each teaching session with my combos and I love those guys aswell as the ladys!

And looking forward to continue our work in 2021.

Thanks to Miel Adams my trumpet and Flgh builder and friend, For all you did for me in 2020.


In 2021 I hope to see and perform at some places again and I have big plans too … like allways …

Miss you : Marcin Kita, Igor Zakus, Laura Marti, Adam Zagorski, Julia Sawicka,Cheryll Pyle, Alina Zalosna, Jarek Buszkowski, Anton Davidyants, Eugene Uvarow , Ehud Ettun, Avinoam Ettun, Boris Mochalin, Nikk Andrew, Piotr Baron and many more …..

I want to meet all you guys and ladys in 2021 and continue our friendship relation in real meetings and music.

Even a simple dinner would be enough for me—-of course with one by one….LOL

I decided to forget about the bad things in 2020 and I try to think about all this projects, which made me feel better and now,


I look forward for 2021…


All the best to all of you and most importantly : Stay healthy & happy , wherever you are !





Hans Peter Salentin







Polish Jazz- Memories of my first appearence 1991

Bild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen, Musiker, Personen auf einer Bühne, Brille und Nacht(Photo by Ekaterina Konsulova Cho Jazz 2019 )


Polish Jazz .. History -Pulawy,

an important little town in Polish Jazz history.

In those days , i was a part of the stuff allready and i am very happy and proud.

Happy to see all this cats and all made their way . Some left already .

RiP . And proud again to be a part of Polish Jazz and I feel happy too !

Thxs for all this pictures and deep memories !

I want to add : nearly all this guys are a big part of culture in their countries , specially Poland !

And this workshops are so important ! In our crazy times , this pictures shows all !

We need this ! Music – Meetings – international Exchange – sharing good and bad moments .

And mostly , I found out, we leave this places as better humans

( I can see and believe, at least for one week ..LOL )

We are important and we need that back !


all Photos by :

Fotografie wykonane podczas drugiej edycji Warsztatów Jazzowych w Puławach (1992).

Autorem jest Dariusz Malinowski

you can see

Dorotha Miskiewiesz, Marek Napierkowsky, Mirek Honzak, Greg Badelato and many many more 🙂

Bild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen, Personen, die tanzen, Personen auf einer Bühne und MenschenmasseBild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen, Personen, die sitzen und InnenbereichBild könnte enthalten: 4 Personen, Musiker, Personen, die tanzen, Personen auf einer Bühne, Bart und InnenbereichBild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, einschließlich Hans Peter Salentin, Musiker, Personen auf einer Bühne, Bart und Nahaufnahme, Text „Marshall“Bild könnte enthalten: 4 Personen, Musiker, Personen auf einer Bühne, Nacht und InnenbereichBild könnte enthalten: 4 Personen, einschließlich Hans Peter Salentin, Personen, die tanzen, Musiker, Personen auf einer Bühne, Personen, die stehen und NahaufnahmeBild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Personen, die tanzen, Musiker und Personen auf einer BühneBild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, spielt ein Musikinstrument, auf einer Bühne, steht und NachtBild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Musiker, Personen auf einer Bühne, Personen, die tanzen und Nacht

New by Salentin & Scheffler CD ,,Deepavali“

at the end of the craziest year in History 2020

we present :













7 very relaxed Pieces  with deep Meditation Moods

by Salentin & Scheffler release 2020

produced by Hans Jörg Scheffler for Digital Audio

Mastered by Manni Struck

recorded at Digial Audio and HpStudios

Get the music:

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and many more

only for Streaming  & Download


1. In the Presence of Now    5:32

2. Stream of Consciousness 17.21

3.Next Stop Nirvana 7:04

4. Indian Summer  5:20

5. On the Waterfront  9:20

6. Waking Poseidon  16:38

7.Samsara  9:50



Released 2020

Dewey Records