Merry Christmas and a happy new Year 2019

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2019 to all my Friends……

i,m very happy to release this clip for X-Mas 2019. My Gift 4 you all.

This music and Idea for that concept has a long story and people from different countries are involved.

The Music of ,,Ballerina“ was composed some years ago during a Jazz-Workshop in Chodziez/ Poland,

created by Musicians from Russia,Ukrania,Germany and Poland. It took some time to bring that Idea to the Institute of Art & Culture in Russia.

Boris Mochalin helped me to bring some more of my music to this event for Big Band and Ballet.

Besides Ballerina, we choosed some other Songs, like E mail on Monday , which was composed during a Jazz Workshop in Leszno / Poland.

Well you see , how connected all is today.

For us as Artists it,s so normal to work with people from all over without any Borders…

yeah…..we just sit down and create Art. ,,Peace to the world “ sounds so big, but this is so easy.

Thank you for all people, who gave me the chance to share my ideas & music with you.

See you in 2019..

Merry Christmas and a happy new Year 2019 !