2nd Release in 2024 !!!!! NEW CD ,,always coming back“

Renowned Composer and Trumpeter Hans Peter Salentin Releases Newest Work,

„Always Coming Back“

[Cologne-May 2024] –

Composer and trumpeter Hans Peter Salentin unveils his latest musical endeavor, „Always Coming Back,“ marking a significant addition to his prolific repertoire.

The album features 10 compositions in the esteemed Wave Music tradition, showcasing Salentin’s prowess in crafting captivating melodies and innovative arrangements.

Having embarked on a creative journey at the onset of 2024, Salentin has masterfully penned 23 new pieces under his creative helm.

The first installment of his recent compositions culminated in the release of „Nothing But Happiness,“ comprising 13 tracks.

Now, „Always Coming Back“ emerges as the much-anticipated follow-up, promising an immersive auditory experience.

Imbued with evocative flugelhorn melodies interwoven with dynamic brass arrangements and laid-back grooves, the album invites listeners into a realm of musical sophistication.

Esteemed pianist Hans Fücker, based in Portugal, collaborates with Salentin once again, lending his expertise to infuse the recordings with rich piano and synth textures recorded in Lisbon.

Building on the foundation of past successes, Salentin partners with longstanding collaborator Hans Jörg Scheffler, underscoring the adage

„Never change a winning team.“

The ,,Salentin & Scheffler“ axis, renowned for their synergy, has yielded ten previous albums, establishing a legacy of musical excellence.

With Scheffler’s adept production touch, both „Nothing But Happiness“ and

„Always Coming Back“ receive meticulous refinement,

elevating the auditory experience to new heights.

„Always Coming Back“ epitomizes the essence of lounge music, beckoning listeners to immerse themselves in its enchanting melodies and intricate rhythms.

Salentin remarks, „In today’s landscape, it is imperative for me to invite people to experience good, if not exceptional, and relatable music.

While ‚Nothing But Happiness‘ marked the initial step in this direction, ‚Always Coming Back‘ represents the subsequent stride.“

True to Salentin’s affinity for masterfully executed melodies, both albums offer a feast for the senses, with „Always Coming Back“ affording the flugelhorn a prominent role amidst a tapestry of grooves and sonic textures.

„Always Coming Back“ stands as a testament to Salentin’s artistic vision and commitment to delivering music that resonates with audiences across genres and generations.

With its infectious energy and diverse sonic palette, the album promises to captivate listeners and cement Salentin’s status as a luminary in contemporary music.

Hans Peter Salentin is supported by Adams Flgh & Trumpets ( Ittervoort-Netherlands) & Dewey Records

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