Hans Peter Salentin & Hans Fücker CD ,,Living Room“











CD Info ,,Living Room “

ONLY for STREAM and Donwload
recorded April 2020

at HpStudio & F-Studio Cologne,Studio Kiew,Studio Warsaw

Mixed by Hans Peter Salentin

Mastered 8.05.2020 by Manni Struck

Cover Art Work  Hans Jörg Scheffler

1.Living Room – Hans Peter Salentin

2. Alicia’s Song  –   Hans Peter Salentin / Alina Zalozna

feat. Alina Zalozna- Vocal ( Lyrics by Alina Zalozna)

3.Cortesias – Hans Fücker

4.Fighting  Ducks – Hans Fücker

5. Little Napoli  –Hans Peter Salentin

feat. Jaroslaw Buczkowski-Accordeon

6. Luca – Hans Peter Salentin

7.Ondas Altas – Hans Fücker

8. Out for a Ride – Hans Fücker

9.Randy – Hans Peter Salentin

10.Ballerina  – Hans Peter Salentin

feat. Jaroslaw Buczkowski-Accordeon

11.Watching the Waterfall – Hans Fücker

12. Whatever will be – Hans Peter Salentin


,,Living Room“ is the first Music cooperation between

the Cologne based,  oustanding Pianist /  Composer / Arranger   Hans Fücker

& the Cologne based Trumpeter/ Composer  Hans Peter Salentin

feat Alina Zalozna – Vocal on ,, Alicia’s Song“

& Jaroslaw Buczkowski –  Accordeon on   ,,Little Napoli “ & ,, Ballerina “


 Salentin / Fücker

Since years they had the Idea to create special music for Duo.

And in Autumn 2019 they started to record some music…

as time goes by, now it came to the piont , that they had to do it.

Wonderful compositions for Piano & Flgh/Tp

The 2 guys created a mystic atmosphere

playing very nicely ballads as well as more groovy music…

from different places of our world.

The Song ,,Cortesias“ by Hans Fücker  has  a spanish flavor and

the Title Song ,,Living Room“ is a song written by HpSalentin

has a reference to the music of the 80’s.

And this Songs shows the direction: nicely, groovy, warm, full of Joy


today’s music in difficult times……

Alina Zalozna Vocal joined the Duo with her wonderfiul interpretation of ,,Alicia’s Song“ .

This Song was born as a collaboration with Hans Peter Salentin

on the Jazz Workshop in Chodziez 2019

Jaroslaw Buczkowski  Accordeon is a long time friend and HpSalentin was only waiting for the right monent to ask him to join.

,,Ballerina“ & and ,,little Napoli “  are made for the outstanding Interpretation

by Hans Fücker , HpSalentin and Jaroslaw


thxs all for supporting Art in difficult Times, specially Alina & Jaroslaw