Neue Hans Peter Salentin CD ,,Streetfood” ——-for Download only

CD Cover Streetfood










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Dewey Records presents :

Hans Peter Salentin CD ,,Streetfood”

,,..burn some calories by dancing to the delicious beats or simply enjoy a menu full of ear feasting dishes..

CD ,,Streetfood” is Music from the Street and this originals, by HpSalentin,

are influenced by so many different great grooves from all over the world and

produced in a new way to become real : ,,Streetfood”….”


Produced by HpSalentin

All Compositions by HpSalentin

Recording & Mixing Dates August / September 2018

at HpStudio

Master by Manni Struck Oktober 2018

Release Date: 2018

Artwork for Grafics & Video Hans Jörg Scheffler


Dies ist die 3te Dewey Records Veröffentlichung in diesem Jahr.

Chill Out Play along      &    Storyteller



NEW CD by HpSalentin : ,,Chill Out Play alongs for all instruments -Minor Edition”











Dewey record release:
Hans Peter Salentin
Chill Out Play alongs for all instruments
Minor Edition

only for Download    Amazon, CD Baby, I tunes

1. London Square C&D Minor T= 100
2. Stairway B Minor T= 100
3. Mumga Sisa Bb Minor T= 100
4. Streetfood A Minor T= 120
5. Summer wind Ab Minor T= 100
6. Spacelab G Minor T= 90
7. Weekend F# Minor T= 111
8. Down South F Minor T= 85
9. Saturn Avenue E Minor T= 80
10. Morning Sun Eb Minor T= 90
11. San Francisco D Minor T= 100
12. Marrakesch Db Minor T= 90
13. Countryside F Minor T= 100 Bonus Track
14. Lombardi F# Minor T= 100 Bonus Track

all Songs composed by HpSalentin for Dewey Records
recorded at HpStudio June/August 2018
all rights reserved- GEMA

The Songs start from C & D Minor on the first song and
go half step down for the next song :
B Minor and after Bb Minor and then A Minor ect…

2 different keys are only used in the very first song.

This Play along was made to give a beginner the chance to start
by checking single notes and simple phrases.
Next step would be to start from the Root Note and start the Minor Scale, very often b6 included.
For Advance Player it,s fun to check the different possibilities
from Dorian scale to b6 or add Major 7 or b9 ect….
You will find a lot of possibilities.

Each song creates a different minor mood and will lead you to another space.
Artwork by Hans Jörg Scheffler


Ehud Ettun : meeting in Poland again at Vodoooo Session CHO Jazz 2018

Ehud Ettun is a Israel based Bassplayer with incredible skills of playing that Instrument….


i, m very happy that you joined our Voddoooooooo Session at Cho Jazz 2018

and you took Part in my Song at the final Concert dedicated to the late Thomasz Stanko……

 Ehud Ettun Rafael Sarnecki  Adam Zagorski HpSalentin


Ehud Ettun Attila Muehl  Maria Usenko 
Maja Babyszka  HpSalentin


Hans Peter Salentin Masterclass : ,,Vodoooooo Session 2018 Music & Love”

What to say about that special Event ?

Music & Love

It based on call and response and without talking or explaning big rules in music……

Inspiration Travels………….


only 2 signs were explained and the journey starts….of course with help from my friends :

Igor Zakus  Frank Parker  David Doruska  Jaroslaw Buczkowski 

Adam Zagorski  Rafael Sarnecki  Piotr Wylezol  and many more

You all were outstanding !   

Thxs my Friends…..

5 Sessions took place at Leszno Jazz Workshop this year ….

5 different travels….

5 times different emotions…

5 times smiles and feeling and making music without theory knowledge…


         5 Times :     MUSIC & LOVE

20180822_174045 20180822_174252 20180822_174602 20180822_174756 20180822_173615 20180822_175208 20180822_175521


International Jazz Workshop Leszno 5-12.08.2018

Again a great workshop in Poalnd,

organized by Pro Musica Leszno and Julia Sawicka.

Julia Sawicka had a dream to bring people together and share some time in life and the love for music ……

and again this dream came true for 14 Time in Leszno….


Thank you Julia !









again a great international team of teacher and students …….

my personal pleasure is to watch students growing…and the grow every day :)

my Combo at Leszno 2018








Thxs to all and very special thxs to my Combo…… you did all work and i was a little supervisor…Fantastic !

My main Job to make Voddoo Sessions..5 in a row……..exiting moments and with big help of my Friends :

David Doruska   Igor Zakus   Jaroslaw Buczkowski  Frank Parker  Martin Uherek   Piotr Wylezol 


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