Cosmic Passenger CD ,, Instant Replay ” wird veröffentlicht

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Hans Jörg Scheffler for Digital audio design on Dewey Records



                         Instand Replay  

                  feat. Scott Tibbs & HpSalentin

20/20 Visions











Welcome to the soaring 20s!

Cosmic Passenger gives you 20 visionary tunes for the new decade with a clear focus on sophisticated harmonies and inspired melodies.

From minimal piano ballads to hypnotic polyrhythmic tribal pieces this album covers a wide range of the sonic spectrum and like a

magnifying glass it offers a sharp and intimate view into the musical mind of the composer.

Get on board on this musical journey beyond time and space

and enjoy a tasty melting pot of styles that mixes contemporary jazz with electronic and world music.

This collection is a tonal travelogue where organic beats sync with complex modular sequences and

traditional big band style brass sections and strings harmonise with cutting edge soundscapes created with the

latest digital synthesisers.

See for yourself that anything is possible if you close your eyes, open your ears and listen.

Zoom in close enough and this album might end up at the top of your i-chart!

Cosmic Passenger is the musical project of Hans- Jörg Scheffler, renown sound designer and multi-instrumentalist from Germany

who composed and performed these tracks on multiple keyboards, bass and guitar with the help of Scott Tibbs  ( Simon Phillips)  on grand piano and Hans Peter Salentin on horns.

SOON AVAILABLE   on Spotify, Amazon, I Tunes ect….


Phelia Fogg CD Produktion 2020

Die Sängerin Bianka Kerres hat unter dem Band Projekt erlesene Musiker versammelt





Die  Musiker von Phelia Fogg

Hans Fücker – Piano

Stephan Schneider – Drums

Stefan Rey – Bass

Bianka Kerres – Vocals

Hans Fücker – Piano

Special Guests for the new Project:

Hans Peter Salentin – Trumpet

Shawn Spicer – Saxophone

die neue CD mit Songs der Carpenter wird im Frühjahr/Sommer 2020  im Hansa Studio Köln produziert.