Bodo Klingelhöfer RiP

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Photo privat Bianka Kerres……


Es kam unerwartet und veränderte alles. Der Plan war mit der Band nach Portugal zu fliegen und

dort für Bianka Kerres Projekt CD Aufnahmen zu machen.

Ein Herzinfarkt und der schließliche Tod von Bodo Klingelhöfer änderte alles.

Bianka Kerres schrieb dazu :

Gestern ist unser Freund, unser Herzensbassist Bodo Klingelhöfer von uns gegangen.

Wir sind so tief traurig, dass es schwer ist Worte zu finden. Eigentlich solltest Du jetzt hier mit uns sein und unseren gemeinsamen, langgehegten Traum einer neuen CD hier in Portugal zu verwirklichen. Nun sitzen wir hier ohne Dich und was bleibt ist die Erinnerung an Dich, so lebendig, Dein herzliches Lachen, Dein verschmitztes Lächeln, Deine Shorts, Deine Flip-Flops.

Es ist gerade unvorstellbar nie mehr Deine Stimme zu hören, nie mehr mit Dir zu spielen, nie mehr mit Dir anzustoßen.

„Das kann nur Bier“ , hast Du immer gesagt, wenn wir nach einem Gig zusammen angestoßen haben.

Lieber Bodo, wir haben Dich geliebt und dass Du jetzt nicht mehr hier bist ist sehr schwer zu begreifen und zu ertragen.

Mach es gut, mein Freund, mein Lieblingsbassist.

Ich werde mir immer vorstellen können wie Du den Song auf Deinem Bass gespielt hättest.
Unsere Gedanken sind vor allem bei Deiner Ehefrau Konni, die 17 Tage an Deinem Krankenhausbett gesessen, Deine Hand gestreichelt und mit Dir gesprochen hat. Wir haben bis zuletzt gehofft dass Du wieder aufwachst. Farewell Bodo …..


ich habe viel Projekte mit ihm gemacht unter anderem ,,Weihnachtslieder“ was für mich immer eine Herzensangelegenheit war , als ein weiteres Konzert.

Bodo war ein sehr geerdeter Mensch und als Musiker konnte er fliegen………

er flog nun voraus………RiP   Bodo Klingelhöfer



some Tipps around my musical background……

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Okay my friends , time for some Infos: some students asked me who I was influenced by.

So many, but I drop names, each artist is worth to be checked, you tube , Spotify or wherever.

There is no order.

I just drop names. Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Michael Brecker, Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor,

Peter Erskine, Steve GaddKeith Jarret,, Bob Mintzer, Bill Evans ( Piano) , Tom Harrell, Claudio Roditi,

Miles Davis, Norma Winston, Kenny Garret,Clifford Brown, Vince Mendoza, Kurt Elling,Richard Bona,

Bob Berg, Pat Matheny, Chick Correa, John Pattituci, Herbie Hancock,Esbjörn Svenson, Chu Chu Valdez,

Kenny Werner,Joni Mitchell,Jaco Pastorius, Yellow Jackets, Chris Potter,Weather Report, Ehud Ethan,

Igor Zakus, Rafal Sarncki, Robert Glasper, Michał Baranowski,Ravi Shankar,Markus Stockhausen,

Keith Jarret,Jack De Johnette, Freddy Hubbard,Chet Baker, Woody Shaw,Tim Hagans, Ibrahim Malouf,

Z. Preisner, Ennio Morricone, Michael Legrand ( sorry i just forget to add those 3 composer, but they are a important part of my way) ….

for shure I forget some but if you check this guys ,

you will have a lot of fun and you will also find some super interesting things.

All of this guys have been and are till now, important for my musicians life. Have fun..

5 Vodoo Sessions at Leszno Jazz

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this is what happened during that sessions……..

Workshop or Concert Offer for ,,Vodoo Sessions..or Call and response by HpSalentinHave you ever witnessed musicians who have never met before, coming together at a workshop and playing together for 2 hours without even having a sheet of music in front of them?

Everything is musically possible during this time. Sometimes the musicians form a choir, sometimes a funky band, then again a spherical ensemble or maybe the musical journey is headed towards Brazil.
Really everything is possible.

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Under the guidance of Hans Peter Salentin, an exceptional musician and composer with a very broad and professional musical background, the joint journey begins immediately after the introduction of the individual participants.

„We go back to the origin of music itself“, Salentin emphasizes.
„Someone suggests something and others react to it.
That’s how every good conversation works“.
We are „listening“ and „replying“ – „call and response“.

The technique used here by Salentin opens the individual to music without working cognitively at the same time.
(sight reading, etc.)
The word „work“ is never used by Salentin in this context.
It is all about an extraordinary shared experience, in which solo playing is also encouraged and further developed.

During a break, the participants have the opportunity to exchange their experiences with each other.

Afterwards the experiences will be worked on together with Hans Peter Salentin.
Many essential aspects of the music will be addressed, e.g:

– Analytical listening,
– Improvement of the interplay
– Instructions for Improvisation
and muc

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h more………………………………….

After a longer break, existing sheet music, be it the participants‘ own big band repertoire or pieces sent to the participants before the workshop, will be worked out and played.
Now the cognitive aspects will be worked on again and aspects of playing together will be promoted.
Music is never a self-portrayal of the individual.
It is always created through respectful playing together.
At the end of this workshop, the participants have the opportunity to return to „free“ interplay or to play an elaborated composition.

Salentin’s concept is based on professional ensemble/big bands (Landesjugend Big Bands etc.), school and music school big bands
and transferred to choirs.

It always leads to an extraordinary communal experience.

Vodoo Session


„That such a thing is even possible at all….making music without notes.“

„New paintings have always been created…“

„I never thought I could play a solo…“

„I was able to hear
even more nuances than before.“

„Now it’s time to practice…“

„I’ve discovered so many new things in music…wonderful.“

Text Translation by Hans Jörg Scheffler

please get in touch with :

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The End of 49 Cho Jazz Poland …..

Hi Man and Women Rasta man is back for a short comment … this Workshop connected people from so many countries : Ukrainia, Russia, Israel,China,German and of course Poland. A lot people I want to say thx: first all Technicians working for us on stage and in the club ! All Organisation Crew ! The people behind all . I name only one Marcin Kita, the Chief without his amazing job during the whole year – no Workshop at all . Thxs Marcin. – For all Kollegs : Thxs to Janusz Strom for all you did during that time ! again I met so many new people and had a lot of great talks too about music and life. I’m always impressed when I see all on stage and I liked all Rastaman is always telling the truth – smile- again the miracle of Cho Jazz took place : creativity , love for the music and respect for each other created a special universe which should be our role model for our daily live . Rastaman promise : I will try to do this . Love , Respect and Peace to you all . What we had the last 2 weeks will stay 4 ever. Drive safe and we will meet again ! To all my teachers Kollegs : always great to see you , Hang and talk and : play !!!!! Thxs to all of you ! At the moment I can see all your faces … enjoy your life and have safe travels. Biggest Huggggggs to all you can imagine. Amen ,, Rastaman“ ( this is a very Special Synonym and only believers know what this is about – lol ) and ,, Woman“ …


Janusz Szrom , my friend 🙂

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Marcin Kita, Janusz Szrom, Hans Peter Salentin, Piotr Baron, Igor Hnydyn, Anastasia Litvinyuk, Attila Muehl, Adam Zagórski, Zbigniew Wrombel, Dorota Miskiewich, Jacek Namyslowsk, Michael Jaros

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 Chodzież, Polen ·

 Great comment by Natasha Sulym ….

,,There are some words about the coolest experience in my whole life..


A little bit scared, cos‘ it’s my first time here. A little bit nervous, cos‘ there’s a lot of english/polish language practice. A little bit shoked by the amount of information. And so excited to be a part of this happiness.

All-day practicing, all-night jamming.. What a wonderful life.. When the biggest question is – How to wake up this early in the morning, to go eat and have lesson, after 3-hours-sleeping..? Just OMG..

Forgot about all the usual-life problems, and were so into the music..

Rhythm lessons, vocal lessons, music theory lessons, voice trainings, english lessons, 3 combos, rehearsals, jams, concerts, disco-parties.. I’ve been so tired at the end, but I really miss all of this.. and I just want to come back, and have 2 weeks more of this crazy fun!

I met a lot of real musicians, and I were so surprised that they are just normal people you can hang out with.
All of you, Hans Peter Salentin, Kuba Cichocki, Ehud Ettun, Adam Zagórski, Paweł Dobrowolski, Jerzy Główczewski, Bogdan Holownia, Janusz Szrom, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Marek Stawiński, Attila Muehl.. you’re a big gift for me, you changed me, you made me better!

I’m so thankful now.
I’m so sad that this journey is over for today. But I’ll come next year, I’ll hug all of you, and you will see that it was a big push for me, cos‘ now „ain’t no mountains high enough“ ..

Thank you Jazz-kolo and Marcin Kita for this great opportunity to be a part of Cho-Jazz – Międzynarodowe Chodzieskie Warsztaty Jazzowe 2019, you gave me my dream!

It was so nice to meet you guys! See ya next year!

Sending love to your hearts..“